About Meiji Food Materia

Professional of sugar and functional materials

As needs and preferences in food diversify without end today, assured quality, safety and security, and considerations for health are sought after. Meiji Food Materia is a development-oriented trading company with big data gathered through the development of “Meioligo (fructooligosaccharide)”, which was approved as the first Food for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU), a global network developed over the years since its foundation in 1920, and the ability to make flexible proposals that respond to a wide range of uses. As a professional dealing in sugar, Meiji Food Materia will continue to develop and offer better products.

Sugar Division

Further accumulating the trust and experience of 100 years

In the Sugar Division, the central part of Meiji Food Materia, we respond to customers’ detailed needs based on 100 years of experience in offering high-quality sugar.

Corn Sweeteners Division

Offering healthy sweeteners demanded today

Customers today have diversifying needs and increasing interest in health. In the Corn Sweeteners Division, we constantly study new materials to respond flexibly to their needs.

Food Materials Division

Offering safe food materials from Japan and abroad

In the Food Materials Division, we purchase and sell food materials from around the world indispensable for restaurant and food processing industries, such as processed fruits, industrial curry, frozen fruits and vegetables, and soup. We use our special procurement capacity to respond to customers’ needs accurately.

Functional Materials Division

Pursuing the potential of materials through the power of nature and science

In our Functional Materials Division, we seek good taste and health. With long-accumulated know-how and data gathered through R&D, we develop, manufacture and sell a wide range of functional sugar and other original materials. At the company’s research center, we conduct R&D on functional sugar and develop new materials. We also propose OEM products to promote healthy lives using functional materials.

Company Profile

Founding and History of Meiji Food Materia

Meiji Food Materia is a company of the Meiji Group which recently celebrated the 100th anniversary since its foundation. As a proposal-based company mainly dealing in sugar, its history has been full of challenges, responding to customers’ needs and developing new markets with “safety and security” as the first priority. Meiji Food Materia will continue to take on challenges and aim higher.

Corporate Name Meiji Food Materia Co., Ltd.
Founded November 17, 1920
Established October 16, 1971
Capital 300 million yen (authorized capital 1.2 billion yen)
Scope of business ・ Sales and import/export of sugar, starch sugar, and grains
・ Production, sales and import/export of functional materials
・ Sales and import/export of processed fruits and prepared foods
Shareholders Meiji Co., Ltd.
Nippon Beet Sugar Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Account settlement Once a year (March)

Meiji Food Materia is a Meiji group company.

Corporate Name Meiji Co., Ltd.
Established December 21, 1917
Head Office 2-1, Kyobashi 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8306, Japan
Scope of Business Manufacturing and sales of confectionary, dairy products and other food products